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A Different Kind of Smart

The Question is NOT,
"How smart am I?"
It's rather
"HOW am I smart?"

In 1985 the noted Harvard psychologist and educator Howard Gardner, proposed the theory of multiple intelligences based on several years of research investigating how we come to know what we know about our world. How do we learn, process, and understand information? What is the process by which we acquire knowledge? In a nutshell, “What makes us smart? What makes us intelligent?”

In this research, Gardner discovered that each of us possesses at least eight distinct areas of intelligence, eight ways we acquire knowledge, process information, learn and understand – way beyond the traditional IQ, which gives credit for only two, at best.

The good news is you already have all Eight Kinds of Smart inside you and probably more! And, because they are already part of your biology and neurology as a human being, you can easily and quickly “turn on” any of the intelligences any time you need them.

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visual-spatial intelligence

Uses the sense of sight and ability to imagine and visualize an object, including making mental images inside our heads.

BENEFITS of strengthening your ImageSmarts
• Being able to visualize what you want in your life and make it happen
• Gaining the ability to express your ideas and make them clearer through visual representation
• Discovering powerful aids to memory - Our brains naturally think in images and pictures before we have words
• Teaching yourself to "think outside the box"
• Accessing your own deep sources of inner wisdom and guidance

logical-mathematical intelligence
Uses numbers, logic, scientific reasoning, and calculating to help solve problems and meet challenges.

BENEFITS of developing LogicSmarts
• Becoming a better problem-solver
• Increasing organization and clarity of your thoughts and  ideas
• Learning to apply different thinking methods to different situations
• Gaining enhanced skills for seeing how to apply or use information read and/or learned
• Becoming better at reasoning and figuring out solutions for life's challenges

verbal-linguistic intelligence
Occurs through written and spoken words, such as essays, speeches, books, informal conversation, debates, and jokes.

BENEFITS when you strengthen your WordSmarts 
• Enhanced capacities for communicating ideas, thoughts, and feelings
• A greater appreciation of humor based on words, such as puns, jokes, and limericks
• Improved abilities and confidence for expressing yourself through any kind of writing
• New abilities for persuading others to take a certain course of action
• Stronger skills for leading meetings

bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

Uses physical movement and performance (a.k.a. learning by doing) to understand.

BENEFITS when you strengthen BodySmarts
• Improving over-all functioning of your body and your physical movements
• Strengthening connections between the mind and body - They profoundly affect each other
• Gaining greater awareness of your "body language" and how to use your body to become a better communicator
• Discovering the innate abilities to train the body to "multi-track" or to perform a variety of tasks at the same time
• Gaining an awareness of how to reduce stress in various regions of the body

musical-rhythmic intelligence

Learns through sounds, rhythms, tones, beats, music produced by other people or present in the environment.

BENEFITS of developing and enhancing your SoundSmarts
• Knowledge of how to lower stress through music and rhythm
• Enhanced abilities to promote greater creativity in yourself and others
• Discovering your hidden capacities for learning and remembering information, peoples names, a shopping list, etc.
• Discovering how to use music, rhythm, and sound to shift moods to more optimal states of being
• Knowledge of how to use music and sound to deepen personal relationships with others

naturalist intelligence
The knowing that occurs in encounters with animals, plants, physical features, and weather conditions of the natural world.

BENEFITS of developing and strengthening NatureSmarts 
• Gaining an awareness of how nature influences and shapes who you are as a person
• Developing a respect for other creatures which inhabit our world
• Acquiring a greater sensitivity to larger patterns in the environment, such as the weather, changing seasons, phases of the moon, etc.
• Nurturing the ability to grow things
• Caring for and conserving the natural environment

People Smart
interpersonal intelligence
Uses person-to-person relating, communication, teamwork, and collaboration with others.

BENEFITS of developing PeopleSmarts
• Developing the ability to understand other people, their perspectives, and their motivations
• Having deeper and more satisfying relationships with others
• Gaining a genuine empathy for others
• Enhanced leadership skills, including becoming a better communicator
• Enhanced quality of the time you spend and relationship you have with your family

intrapersonal intelligence
The knowing which comes from introspection, self-reflection, and raising questions about life’s meaning and purpose.

BENEFITS of developing SelfSmarts
• Clarity about your life and where you are headed
• Control of your destiny and the directions in which you want your life to move
• Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
• A deeper understanding of your core values and how to make them the center of all you do
• Getting in touch with your "inner self" and learning how to trust it
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