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To discover how to easily awaken your full creativity and tap your full intellectual potential, I've put together this special report. I promise it will be an eye-opener!

Ask yourself these questions . . .
“ Do I want to increase my ability to learn and remember information?”

“ Do I want to expand my problem-solving abilities?”

“ Do I want more satisfying relationships with others?”

“ Do I want to increase my leadership and communication skills?”
In this letter you’ll discover how a simple method is helping thousands of people awaken their capacities for thinking, learning, and working smarter.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt that others fail to recognize your abilities or intelligence? Have you ever said “I’m just not the creative type” but wished you were?

Education experts now know that we are all much smarter than we think. We all possess multiple intelligences or multiple strengths which we can easily access to help us think, learn, and work smarter in our everyday lives. These multiple intelligences are already inside us just waiting to be tapped!

Imagine these conditions are true in your life . . .
• When you have a problem to solve you can quickly and easily access a wide range of solutions.

• When you’re working with others you’re able to communicate your ideas in a compelling and decisive manner.

• When you have something you’re trying to learn you’re able to learn it faster, understanding it better, and remember it longer.

• You have clear goals for your future and a set of steps you know will get you there.

• You have a set of methods which are guaranteed to help your children do better in school.
All of these successes, and much, much more are possible when you awaken your multiple intelligences. Scientific research has shown we all have within us multiple ways of knowing, multiple ways of learning, of acquiring knowledge, and of processing information. Yes, we are all smart in a lot of different ways nobody ever told us about when we were in school!

There are many examples of people who weren’t very strong in the things school values but who have gone on to make major contributions to our world–
Leonard da Vinci if alive today would likely be put in a class for learning disabled people. He had trouble with reading, writing, speaking, and doing arithmetic calculations. And yet he is probably one of the most gifted people who have ever lived—poet, sculpture, musician, painter, architect, geologist, engineer, botanist, philosopher, physiologist, anatomist, and astronomer all wrapped up on one person!
Henry Ford had difficulty reading and remembering basic facts. To compensate, he surrounded himself with men who were able to produce the appropriate facts and figures when needed.

Hans Christian Anderson, one of the world’s most gifted storytellers, had difficulty reading and writing.

Nelson Rockefeller became a accomplished extemporaneous speaker partly because of his difficulties in reading the printed text of his speeches.

Albert Einstein is one of the most well known of these who were not considered very smart by the usual intelligence standards but whose scientific contributions may have more far-reaching implications than any other scientist of the past century.
Scientific research has called into question almost everything we used to think about human intelligence. Here’s some of what they’ve found . . .
1. Intelligence is not fixed at birth! In the past we thought that our intelligence was more or less set at birth by heredity. We thought it could be assessed through different kinds of I.Q. test's, which would tell us how smart we were. The I.Q., we thought, would reveal what an individual’s intellectual possibilities were.

However, the so-called intelligence tests did not take into account the many different environmental and cultural factors which effect the development of our intellectual capabilities. Many experts now feel that intelligence has been defined too narrowly. We are all much more than an I.Q!

2. Intelligence can be taught, learned, and improved! Because our intelligence capabilities are part of our physical and mental being at birth, they can be improved and strengthened at any age and at almost any ability level.

There are simple things we can do which will strengthen our intelligence skills–much like what we do to improve and expand any skill in our lives. Generally, the more we practice the better we become. We can learn to be more intelligent, in more ways, and on more levels of our lives than we ever thought possible before!

3. We are smart in many ways not just one. And, what is more, these different kinds of “smarts” are available to us right now! This is what we’re talking about when we talk about having “multiple intelligences.” There are many ways we know what we know in our lives. And there are many things we do to help us understand, to gain knowledge, and to learn. We were born with these intelligences already in us!
I’ll bet you’re asking “So what are these multiple intelligences and what can they do for me?”

Let’s take a quick look at eight ways we are all smart. See if you can recognize yourself in any of these descriptions–
Visual-Spatial Intelligence - “ImageSmart”!. If you are strong in this intelligence you tend to think in images and pictures. You are very aware of objects, shapes, colors, textures, and patterns in the environment around you. You probably like to draw, paint, work with clay, colored markers, construction paper, and fabric. You may love to work jigsaw puzzles, read maps and find their way around new places. And, you are likely excellent at visualizing, pretending, and imagining.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence -  “LogicSmart”!
. If you strong in this intelligence you tend to think more abstractly. You like to conduct experiments and to solve puzzles. You love the challenge of a complex problem to solve. You ask lots of questions and analyze almost everything. You enjoy working with numbers. And, you are probably systematic, organized, and always have a logical explanation for what you are doing or thinking at any given time.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence - “BodySmart”!. If you have a strength in this area you like physical movement–dancing, making and inventing things with your hands, and role-playing. You can often perform a task much better after watching someone else do it first and then mimicking their actions. You may find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time and are quickly bored if you are not actively involved in what is going on around you.

Naturalist Intelligence - “NatureSmart“!. If this intelligence is one of your strengths you love the outdoors, animals, plants, and almost any natural object. Conditions in nature, such as sunshine, the wind, the changing seasons probably have a strong effect on you and may dramatically change your moods. You tend to have a deep respect for all living beings.

Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence - “SoundSmart”!. If you are strong in this intelligence you are probably very aware of all the sounds in your environment. You probably love music and rhythmic patterns. Various sounds, tones, and rhythms may have a visible effect on you. And you may be skilled at mimicking sounds, language accents, and others’ speech patterns.

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence - “WordSmart”! If this is a strong intelligence for you, you have highly developed skills for reading, speaking, and writing. You probably like to read, play word games, tell stories, get into involved discussions with other people, work crossword puzzles, tell jokes, and learn new words.

Interpersonal Intelligence - “PeopleSmart”! If this way of knowing is more developed in you, you learn through personal interactions. You have lots of friends. You show empathy for other people and can accept points of view which differ from your own. You love team activities. And you are probably skilled in conflict resolution.

Intrapersonal Intelligence - “SelfSmart”! If this intelligence is one of your strengths you are self-reflective and tend to be “in touch” with your inner feelings, values, and beliefs. You’re intuitive. You’re likely inwardly motivated and don’t need external rewards to keep you going. You are self-confident and have clear goals for yourself. Other people will often come to you for advice and counsel.
David Lazear has shown thousand of educators and students how to tap the power of these “eight ways of knowing” in their daily lives. David has now, for the first time, made this available to the general public in his amazing new book Outsmart Yourself!

16 Proven Strategies for Becoming Smarter Than You Think You Are.
  • So, what difference does it make if someone turns on all their intelligences?
  • What will the eight intelligences do for you?

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect in your life . .

Help you discover new approaches to solving problems you’re facing in your life

Save you time in planning almost anything by drawing on more of your creative thinking abilities

Make the time with your family more meaningful and interesting as each member of the family learns to tap his or her many intelligences

Provide you more avenues for getting your ideas across to other people

Give you a kitbag of techniques to help you speed up your learning of almost anything you want to learn

Boost your self-confidence when you’re working with others in a group situation

Provide you strategies to help you remember important information you have learned

Show you how to “think outside the box” so you’re able to be more creative in your personal and professional life

Offer you hundreds of ways to help others learn in your family, on-the-job, or in a community organization

Gain a perspective for understanding how other people think and why it’s sometimes difficult to communicate with them

Enable you to help a group you are part of work more effectively

Assist you in determining your own intelligence strengths and weaknesses and what you can do about it

Provide you an understanding of how you can use a stronger intelligence to strengthen a weaker one

Furnish you with numerous things you can do to strengthen and enhance your thinking abilities

Supply you with many methods to visualize and achieve both your long-term and short-term goals

Furnish you with exciting ideas for leading effective meetings, training sessions, or leading a great group discussion

Help you listen to and understand (at much deeper levels) what others are saying

Facilitate your ability to access your own inner wisdom regarding life’s challenges

Boost your ability to tap and trust your intuitions, your “gut feelings”
The ideas presented in Outsmart Yourself! show you how easily you can “trigger”, simulate, and activate all these eight forms of intelligence in yourself.

It’s easy and fun, because dormant intelligences are already inside you just waiting to be awakened! Once they are awakened you’ll find that you are thinking. learning, and working smarter in all parts of your life.

If you are not 100% satisfied with this book AND the results you see in your life, return it for a full refund. You can keep the CD as well as the special BONUS GIFTS mentioned below!

You have three convenient ways to order: by internet, fax, or phone. To place your order via the internet
| BUY NOW |. Click Here to download an Order-by-Fax Form (pdf .zip file), fill it out and fax it to us at 1-425-799-4257. OR you can call 1-800-726-8605.

We are anticipating a greater than average response to this offer, so if you’re even a bit curious about
Outsmart Yourself! I urge you to order today. You have nothing to loose!


David Lazear


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