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David Lazear Profile

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Interview Questions about Multiple Intelligences

Interview Questions About
David Lazear

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David G. Lazear Profile
David Lazear inspires and empowers people to awaken their full intelligence. He is the one who translated Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences (MI) into life-changing practice! David is the best-selling author of eight books on applications of the theory of multiple intelligences for educators. Each year he conducts hundreds of workshops around the world where teachers learn how to use multiple intelligences to help every child be successful!

David’s most recent book Outsmart Yourself! 16 Proven Strategies for Becoming Smarter Than You Think You Are, shows how the theory of multiple intelligences is not just for educators. It’s for everyone! MI is a new way of understanding how all of us can think, learn, and work smarter. His popular weekend seminar “You’re Smarter Than You Think!” has shown many people how to improve the the quality of their lives by learning to tap their full intelligence potential.

David has also designed a seminar series for HR directors and corporate trainers entitled “Intelligence-Centered Leadership”. The four-seminar series shows to apply multiple intelligences in the workplace in such areas as putting together effective teams, maximizing employee creativity and productivity, leading great meetings, understanding how to manage and lead people with very different intelligence profiles, and strategic planning using MI.

David Lazear has over 25 years of international experience in the development of human capacities in both the public and private sectors. His consulting and training services are in great demand around the world. He has recently conducted workshops and seminars in such diverse locations as Australia, Iceland, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Malta, and Canada.

David is the founder New Dimensions of Learning, a company which specializes in offering programs showing the “how to's” of applying findings from contemporary brain research and the theory multiple intelligences to enrich our daily lives.    
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Your intelligence is not fixed and static at birth!

Your IQ reveals a very small part of your full intellectual capabilities!

You’re smart in at least eight different ways!

In OutSmart Yourself!, David Lazear, best selling author of Eight Ways of Knowing and Pathways of Learning, shows you how tapping your full intelligence isn’t about getting more knowledge, positive thinking about yourself, or working harder at self-improvement. It’s about awakening the multiple intelligences which are already inside you! David provides you with 16 proven strategies for gaining the power to think, learn, and work smarter everyday. (And its so easy and fun!)

In OutSmart Yourself! David shares his many years of practical experience in working with MI and he teaches you:

• How to dramatically expand your abilities to solve problems and meet daily challenges

• How to jump-start your creativity so that "thinking outside the box" is no big deal

• How to accelerate your learning of anything you want to learn

• How to increase and expand your memory

• How to deepen your relationships with people you care about in your life

• How to set yourself apart from others who only have one way of thinking about an issue

• How to clarify and attain your life's goals

• How to advance your leadership and communication abilities

• And much, much more

Interview Questions About the Eight Kinds of Smarts:

1. Why do you say we've been lied to about our intelligence?

2. Exactly what is the new definition of intelligence you're promoting?

3. You say we all have many intelligences within us. What are they?

4. What can we do to tap into these different kinds of smarts?

5. What are the benefits to people when they awaken all their intelligences?

6. How can I figure out which kinds of smarts are who I am?

7. What if I'm not strong in one or two of the intelligences? Can I strengthen these areas?

8. Where in society would multiple intelligences bring about the biggest changes?

9. Are the intelligences related to careers one might choose?

10. You claim that multiple intelligences can help us think, learn, and work smarter. How so?
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Interview David Lazear

Background: I live in Hawai'i on the island of Maui. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming. About 15 years ago I encountered the research documenting that we all have Multiple Intelligences–multiple ways we learn, acquire knowledge, and process information–yes, multiple ways we are smart! I was so excited when I read about this, because I've met so many people who feel they're somehow not very intelligent because they didn't do great in school, my own daughters included. Well, this research helped me realize that school only values two of at least eight ways all of us are smart!

I felt this was so important that I've spent the last 15 years translating this research into something practical that people can all use in their daily lives to help them gain know-how and "smarts" to make significant changes in their lives. The good news is we all already have Multiple Intelligences in us–we just need to learn how to awaken them!

My passion for getting this message out has resulted in my writing a number of books on how to use Multiple Intelligences to dramatically expand creativity and our capacities for learning, how to use the intelligences to become better problem-solvers in our daily lives, how to increase our leadership skills, and how Multiple Intelligences can help us create more satisfying personal relationships.

I travel all over the world conducting seminars and conferences which have helped thousands of people realize they're smarter than they think!

• David is available to discuss his experience living and working in over 15 nations of our world.

• He'll talk about what it's like living in Hawai'i and what he's learning from this experience.

• He'll talk about some of the issues and problems facing American public education today.

• The creative process can be taught, learned, and enhanced in all of our lives. David can discuss proven steps for becoming more creative.

• Both of David' daughters were not traditional learners. David will share how he used multiple intelligences to help them succeed in school.

• David can share hundreds of ideas for increasing the effectiveness of any group or team in the workplace, community, or at home in the family.

• "Multi-modal learning" is a core concept of multiple intelligences. David will explain what this is and how use it to improve your learning and your memory.

• Being a father, David can share things we as parents can do at home to nurture our children's full intelligence.

• David is willing to discuss any aspects of his personal journey which has led him from a cattle ranch in Wyoming to being a best-selling author of nine books and an internationally recognized speaker.

For more information please contact David Lazear at 1-800-726-8605 (toll free), 1-425-799-4257 (fax), or e-mail him at david@davidlazear.com.

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David G. Lazear
New Dimensions Enterprises, Inc.
3911 Honoapi'ilani Highway
Wailuku, HI 96793

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