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Eight Pathways of Learning
Teach Students About the Eight Kinds of Smart and Supercharge Their Learning!



What is this seminar about?
When you ask your students "Did you know you've got Eight Kinds of Smart which are already inside of you?" they will be enthralled. It comes as a new and exciting self-knowledge. Their self-esteem is boosted. Their esteem for their fellow classmates is raised. They suddenly can become advocates for their own learning. They become more active and responsible learners.

This seminar focuses on the "how tos" of teaching students about multiple intelligences as part of their regular school experience. It also deals with how to help parents more fully understand the theory and practice of multiple intelligences. The seminar demonstrates the process for creating curriculum-based learning exercises to help students "get to know themselves intellectually" and techniques for activating the full spectrum of their own eight intelligences in school and beyond school.

How will I benefit?

Learn how get your students "hooked" on learning about how they learn. You can create intelligence learning exercises which easily fit in with what you're already teaching, but which also leads students to more fully understand and appreciate their own Eight Kinds of Smart.

You'll be able to plan activities which lead students deeply into recognizing the eight intelligences in themselves and their classmates.

You'll know how to recognize "where students are" in their understanding of their own multiple intelligences and how to lead them to deeper levels.

You'll learn 20 mini-exercises which teach about the intelligences and over 150 specific adaptations of the exercises for use with the academic curriculum.

You'll discover a process for helping parents understand the Eight Kinds of Smart in themselves and their children and how the intelligences can be used at home.

What will I learn?

The seminar provides a model for incorporating "meta-intelligence" - teaching ABOUT multiple intelligence - into your regular daily instruction in such a way that it is natural and not an "add on" to the curriculum. Specifically you'll learn:

1. Four "meta-intelligence" levels. Learn about four levels of teaching students about the Eight Kinds of Smart and how to move them from a basic awareness of multiple intelligence to its strategic use in school and beyond.

2. Exploration and discovery exercises. Experiment with mini-exercises you can use to help students' understanding of their own intelligences and to develop respect for the different kinds of smarts in their classmates.

3. Designing and Using a "Parallel Curriculum". Learn how to create an multiple intelligence-curriculum in tandem with the academic curriculum so students continue learning about the eight intelligences in and through their learning of the required curricular material.

4. Teaching parents about multiple intelligences. Learn how to share the information on multiple intelligences with parents including ideas for parents' training workshops dealing with how to "nurture" the intelligences in their children at home.

5. MI implementation planning. Evaluate the progress you're making in your own classroom, school, and district and create plans for encouraging a more extensive implementation of MI at all levels of your classroom, school, and district.

The format of this workshop is a "practicum", and therefore, it is a "working session" in which participants actually experience a wide range of learning activities for helping students understand and appreciate their own multiple intelligences. The practicum provides an opportunity to create an ongoing, parallel curriculum for teaching students about their own intelligence while they are learning and studying the "required curriculum."

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