Lesson Planning
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Discover the Secrets for Reaching and Teaching Every Student!


What is this seminar about?
Can you think of times when you were teaching a lesson and you looked out at "sea of blank faces" and you realized you weren't getting through to your students, but you knew if you had the right set of strategies you could reach them all?

This seminar is about reaching every student, every time. It deals with the art of daily lesson planning from a multiple intelligences standpoint. You'll work with actual up-coming lessons and learn how to restructure both your teaching and students' learning so that many more levels of knowing, understanding, and learning are tapped in and through daily lessons.

How will I benefit?

Learn a proven process for incorporating the Eight Kinds of Smart into lessons you're already teaching. You can quickly take any lesson and turn into a "multimodal" learning experience for your students:

You'll get 80 intelligence-specific teaching and learning strategies and learn how to use each one.

You'll get a comprehensive set of lesson planning formats which will help you streamline your own preparation process.

You'll discover how to enhance your own intelligences in areas which may not be as developed as others.

You'll receive a toolbox of multiple intelligence-based technology strategies.

What will I learn?

The seminar provides eight full-blown model lessons and over 275 specific lesson ideas for teaching with the Eight Kinds of Smart in history, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, P.E., and the practical arts.

1. The "Multiple Intelligences Toolbox". Learn how to use a wide variety of multiple intelligence teaching and learning strategies to create "multimodal" lessons which access each of the eight intelligences.

2. The "8-in-1" Approach to Lesson Planning. Plan several up-coming lessons which incorporate all eight intelligences in a single learning experience and reflect on when to employ this type of lesson in the normal teaching cycle.

3. The "Intelligence-Focused" Approach to Lesson Planning. Learn how to stage lessons which focus on one intelligence, plan several up-coming lessons using this approach, and reflect on when to employ this type of lesson in the normal teaching cycle.

4. Personal Intelligence Analysis. Evaluate the use of the Eight Kinds of Smart in your own personal and professional life and create a personal action plan for more fully developing and integrating multiple intelligences into your life.

The format of this workshop is a "practicum", and therefore, it is a "working session" in which real lessons are designed, and real plans for the implementation of teaching WITH multiple intelligences are created. Participants become familiar with a variety of lesson planning and curriculum design models which can help them make teaching WITH multiple intelligences part of their regular teaching repertoire. During the practicum, participants design four full-blown lessons which can be immediately implemented.

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