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Help Your Students “Be All That They Can Be” – Intellectually!



What is this seminar about?
What does your curriculum really value? Does it reflect the importance of developing the whole child? Does it value developing the Eight Kinds of Smart in your students? The good news is this does not necessarily involve major curricular content changes. Rather, it is a matter of literally "embedding" the capacities of the different intelligences in the existing curriculum.

This seminar focuses on an in-depth understanding of the distinct capacities for each of the eight intelligences and four distinct models for integrating these capacities into the existing curriculum on a school-wide or departmental basis. The seminar assumes that this task can be accomplish without "add ons" to the curriculum; rather, in and through the existing curriculum students can be taught how to tap their full intellectual potential.

How will I benefit?

Discover how to enhance and build students' multiple intelligence in and through the existing curriculum. You can teach your content AND help students develop their own intelligence at the same time.

•You'll explore the distinct capacities or "core operations" for each of the eight intelligences.

• You'll learn how to keep alive the love of learning which is present in the early childhood years from pre-school through grade twelve and beyond.

• You'll learn about and experiment with several models for integrating the Eight Kinds of Smart into your existing curriculum.

• You'll discover four key areas where multiple intelligences impact school renewal and transformation.

What will I learn?

The seminar provides an in-depth experience of working with several models for integrating the curriculum with the core capacities of the Eight Kinds of Smart. Each model uses a different approach to literally "embed" the capacities of the intelligences into the existing curriculum. Specifically you'll learn:

1. Multiple intelligence stations. Experiment with setting up and using multiple intelligence learning centers to help students learn and process curricular content using the Eight Kinds of Smart.

2. Year-long curriculum integration process. Discover a process for weaving the various capacities of the intelligences together with the key concepts and themes of your curriculum throughout the school year.

3. Unit Stretching integration. Learn a technique for taking an existing unit of study or a theme and stretching it so that more and more of the capacities of the eight intelligences are part and parcel of how the unit is taught and learned.

4. School- or department-wide integration. Select a school-wide, grade level, or department-wide time for exploring common curricular content and concepts using the multiple intelligences.

The workshop uses a variety of teaching techniques: formal presentations summarize contemporary research findings on human intelligence and the brain; experiential exercises give participants a chance to explore their own intelligence capacities and ideas on how to introduce MI capacities to students; unit planning sessions show how to use the curriculum integraion models to embed MI into the existing curriculum; and, group discussions provide opportunities for integration, interchange, and personal reflection.