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Higher-Order Thinking the MI Way
Teach So They Remember and Use Your Information for the Rest of Their Lives!



What is this seminar about?

The ability to simply reproduce facts, figures, statistics, and other information does not constitute learning. A famous teacher once said, "If you don't know how to apply your learning, you haven't really learned it!" You've got to move students beyond "The facts ma'am, nothing but the facts!" to an understanding of process and dynamic relationships, to an understanding of application in ordinary, everyday life.

This seminar examines how to teach students to think, reason, and learn at higher-order levels by using the full range of the capacities of the eight intelligences. It provides participants with an in-depth, research-based, experiential understanding of multiple intelligence and how to use multiple intelligences get students thinking and understanding curricular concepts at higher-order levels where integration, synthesis, application, and transfer of learning occur.

How will I benefit?
Learn about the unique "taxonomy of cognitive abilities" for each intelligence. Each intelligences contains it's own core set of abilities which are intelligence-specific and which help you promote higher-ordering thinking in your students.

• You'll learn how to apply "Bloom's Taxonomy" to the multiple intelligences, thus moving students' thinking to higher-order intelligence realms.

• You'll learn about the distinct set of cognitive abilities which are specific to each of the eight intelligences.

• You'll experiment with different levels of instruction which are necessary to lead students from basic information recall to synthesis, integration, and application of information into their lives.

• You'll be able to plan units which move students' thinking into higher-order realms using the Eight Kinds of Smart.

What will I learn?
The seminar provides a hands-on encounter with "multiple taxonomies for multiple intelligences". It examines the practical implications and applications of current research on critical thinking skills, metacognition, and higher-order thinking, all from a multiple intelligences perspective. Specifically you'll learn:

1. Multiple taxonomies for multiple intelligences. Explore a a detailed model outlining the range of cognitive abilities for each of the Eight Kinds of Smart, moving from the basic to the complex, to the higher-order levels

2. Models of higher-order thinking units. Study a variety of units from elementary, middle, and high school classrooms which demonstrate how to use the intelligences to move your teaching and students' learning to the higher-order cognitive realms.

3. Teach students how to think using MI. Discover how to use the Eight Kinds of Smart to teach students a variety of multiple intelligence-based thinking skills.

Unit Planning
Learn a process which utilizes the "cognitive ability taxonomies" of the eight intelligences to create higher-order learning experiences for your classes throughout a unit of study.

The workshop uses a variety of teaching techniques: formal presentations summarize contemporary research findings on human intelligence and the brain, experiential exercises give participants practical experiences of their own eight intelligences and ideas on how to introduce the different ways of knowing to students, model lessons show how to use multiple intelligences in the teaching of daily classroom lessons; and, group discussions provide opportunities for integration, interchange, and personal reflection.

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