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Tap the full intellectual potential of your students and watch
their learning soar!


What is this seminar about?
Throughout our lives we have been given some very misleading and frankly dangerous information about our intelligence and what makes us smart. The IQ story provides a very narrow picture of our full intellectual capacities.

This seminar provides an in-depth, research-based, experiential understanding of multiple intelligence, A Different Kind of Smart. It focuses on practical ways to implement the multiple intelligences to transform the classroom and school into a place of high-level creativity where students' full potentials are tapped.

How will I benefit?

Learn how to awaken, amplify, and teach with the Eight Kinds of Smart. You can easily "trigger" the Eight Kinds of Smart in yourself and your students and use them to dramatically enhance your teaching:

You'll be able to plan lessons which present content you're teaching using multiple intelligence teaching and learning strategies.

You'll know how to teach your students about their multiple intelligences and how they can use them improve their performance in the classroom.

You'll learn a multiple intelligence lesson planning process which will save you time and bring more creativity into your instruction.

You'll learn how to identify the intelligences in your students using a variety of observation-based assessment instruments.

What will I learn?

The seminar provides a hands-on encounter with each of the eight intelligences, demonstrating how to awaken them in the brain-mind-body system, how to promote and nurture their full development, and how to use each intelligence in the teaching and learning process. Specifically you'll learn:

1. The Core Capacities of Each Intelligence. Discover the foundational operations of the various ways of knowing in the brain and how to integrate the teaching of intelligence capacities into the existing curriculum.

2. The Developmental Pathway for the Eight Intelligences. Analyze of the unique "taxonomy" for each intelligence and developmentally appropriate practices for promoting the growth of the full spectrum of intelligences in students.

3. The Neurological Process Involved in Each intelligence. Learn how to stimulate or "trigger" the different intelligences in the brain and what is involved to enhance, amplify, and strengthen the various intellectual capabilities.

4. The Use of the Eight Intelligences to Teach Daily Lessons. Experience a series of model lessons which demonstrate practical techniques which help students use all eight intelligences to deepen and enhance their understanding.

The workshop uses a variety of teaching techniques: formal presentations summarize contemporary research findings on human intelligence and the brain, experiential exercises give participants practical experiences of their own eight intelligences and ideas on how to introduce the different ways of knowing to students, model lessons show how to use multiple intelligences in the teaching of daily classroom lessons; and, group discussions provide opportunities for integration, interchange, and personal reflection.

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