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    By DAVID LAZEAR                 

For more than a decade
David Lazear has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops for schools, school districts, ministries and departments of education, and education service centers around the world in such diverse locations as Singapore, Iceland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and across the United States. Thousands of people have had the opportunity to learn first hand from the expert who first pioneered the practical applications of the theory of multiple intelligences!

Now is YOUR time to join with others and participate in one or more of these exciting training experiences. Here's what others have said:

" Education workshops are usually boring and irrelevant to the real situation I face everyday in the classroom. This one blew me away! I left with ideas I could use the next day!" (middle school, math teacher, Atlanta, Georgia)

"When I came to the workshop I thought I'd be sitting there listening to someone lecture AT me for two days. Not so! In a David Lazear workshop, within the first 10 minutes you'll be up out of your seat, involved in "learning by doing!" (3rd grade teacher, Dallastown, Pennsylvania)

"I couldn't believe going to an in-service which had applications to me as a secondary teacher. Most in-services have great ideas for the lower grades, but rarely for the secondary classroom. David Lazear's approach to multiple intelligences helped me see how I could use it with my content and my students."
                     - high school science teacher, Singapore

You can participate in a nationally scheduled conference (check back here for details and calendar) OR, even better, arrange to bring a workshop to your district (contact David Lazear for details).


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