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                                By DAVID LAZEAR





Steps You Can Take To Transform Your School!

What if you could find ways to reach more students, more of the time WITHOUT having to work harder or longer?
What if you could streamline your lesson planning and be more creative when you're teaching?
What if you could get your students genuinely turned-on to learning?
What if you had techniques to turn assessment into a celebration of students' learning?

The new e-book Multiple Intelligences & School Transformation shows you how! The e-book contains five penetrating reports on how to implement multiple intelligences in your school or district, making your job easier, more interesting and enjoyable.


This is an e-book Containing the Five Reports Which Follow!
(only $23.75)

Multiple Intelligences Research Overview
Teaching FOR Multiple Intelligences:
   MI & Curriculum Integration $6.00
Teaching WITH Multiple Intelligences:
   Instructional Practice & Lesson Planning
Teaching ABOUT Multiple Intelligences:
   The MI Learning Process for Parents &
   Students $6.00
  Assessment THROUGH Multiple Intelligences:
    Assessing the Learner, Assessing
    the Learning $6.00


These exclusive reports summarize key research findings, they suggest school restructuring and reform implications of those findings, they provide you with some practical tools, models, and techniques to use in your classroom, AND they contain several "reports from the field" where teachers, schools, and districts have experimented with using multiple intelligences to bring about school transformation. The reports can be ordered separately, or, if you want them all, order the e-book! You'll also receive FOUR FREE BONUSES when you order!


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