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David Lazear inspires and empowers people to tap their full intellectual potential! David translated Howard Gardner's research on multiple intelligences MI into life-changing practice! David is the best-selling author of 10 books on applications of the theory of multiple intelligences for educators. Each year he conducts hundreds of workshops around the world where teachers learn how to use MI to help EVERY child be successful.

David's most recent programs and books show how the theory of multiple intelligences is not just for educators. It's for everyone! MI is a new way of understanding how all of us can think, learn, and work smarter!

David has had over 25 years of international experience in the development of human capacities in both the public and private sectors. His consulting and training services are in great demand around the world. He has recently conducted workshops and seminars in such diverse locations as Australia, Iceland, Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada. Later this year he will be making presentations in China, Malta, and Malaysia.

David is the founder of New Dimensions of Learning, a company which specializes in developing programs showing the "how to's" of applying findings from contemporary brain research and the theory multiple intelligences to enrich our daily lives. The educational programs of New Dimensions share numerous teaching/learning techniques, strategies, methods, exercises, and model lessons for developing a multiple intelligence approach to the task of today's education. In addition to those programs described on the Training pages, David specializes in designing customized multiple intelligence staff development programs and training workshops to meet the unique needs of your district and school.

David's latest book for educators, Higher-Order Thinking, the MI Way! is now available through Zephyr Press. His book, OutSmart Yourself! 16 Proven Strategies for Becoming Smarter Than You Think You Are, has just been released. OutSmart Yourself! was written for the popular market explore how multiple intelligences can help everyone think, learn, and work smarter. Please visit the Books & Tapes page for more information on these publications.

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