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Get on top of the research base for the theory of multiple intelligences. This book provides an understanding of the core capacities for each intelligence, a set of practical exercises to awaken the intelligences in students, and full-blown model lessons showing how to incorporate the intelligences into daily lessons.


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Title: “Eight Ways of Teaching”

Learn how to restructure daily lessons and units so that students regularly use their different intelligences in the task of knowing, understanding, and acquiring knowledge. The book presents "MI toolbox" of teaching/ learning strategies, a palette for designing MI-based lessons, and a four part model for staging intelligence-focused lessons.

Help students understand, strengthen, and use their own many intelligences through a series of intelligence-building learning activities; special section to help parents learn about what they can do at home to nurture all the intelligences in their children.

Identify the unique "intelligence profiles" of students and learn how to use this information to help all succeed; discover a process for creating "multi-modal" assessments to gain a more fair and accurate picture of students' academic progress.

Title: “The Rubrics Way”

Explore intelligence-specific and intelligence-fair rubrics for assessing students' use of multiple intelligences to prove their mastery of academic concepts and learn how to create objective, understandable criteria to evaluate their MI performances for deep understanding of required material.

The Intelligent

Learn how to "tap", evoke, nurture, enhance, and develop the intelligences in and through the existing curriculum. This book presents four different approaches for integrating the capacities of the eight intelligences into your curriculum. It includes detailed descriptions for using these four approaches plus examples from the elementary, middle school, and high school years.

Title: “Intelligence Builders of Every Student”

This book is a set of carefully designed exercises and practices that you can use to help students literally "grow" their own multiple intelligences. It provides you with many practical ways to focus on the development of specific capacities for the different intelligences.


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Discover how to move past the traditional "memorize and regurgitate" method of education. Learn how to use the eight intelligences to move students' learning to the higher-order level of application, integration, and transfer of the material being studied.

Title: “Tap Your Mulitple Intelligences”
Motivate your students to use all 8 intelligences. This handy set of 8 colorful posters will remind your students to use all their intelligences everyday. Each poster reinforces a specific intelligence.

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