MiQ Elements
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MiQ Home Schooling Guides
- Elements of Intelligence

MiQ Elements are building blocks for increasing
each intelligence

BONUS: Included with each order of MiQ Elements is a complimentary CD - Introduction to MiQ by David Lazear with even more Intelligence Building Information.

MiQ Elements make it easy for you to teach and work with one intelligence at a time.

Each MiQ HS Element is like a brain gym packed with intelligence growing lessons and exercises to help you strengthen each intelligence way beyond anything you have imagined. 

This is the learning methodology that will help you more effectively teach all subjects and content areas.

Easy to read study guides include a CD by David Lazear with exercises, ideas and additional material that will help you learn as much an as fast as you want.

LOGICSMART - HS | $29.95
Discover how your LogicSmart can help you create a solid, convincing rationales and arguments to support your ideas.


Learn how to use your ImageSmart to improve your capacities for visualizing what you want in your life and making it happen.

Discover how to increase the power of your ideas through graphic representation and mind mapping.

Unlock the powerful connection between your mind and body and learn how to use it to reduce stress in your life.

Discover how the simple act of walking can be a powerful technique for shifting your mind to optimal states of being.

Jump start your creative thinking through music.

Analyze the various effects and impacts of sound on you and learn how to manage your "sound environment".

Learn how to increase your memory through music, rhythm, sound, and vibration.

The newest intelligence puts you in touch with how to learn and understand how our intelligence is directly connected to the intelligence of the natural world.

Learn to "read" nature for live enriching information.

Use your PeopleSmart skills to help a group reach consensus on a decision they're struggling with.

Learn and apply proven strategies for leading great meetings every time.

Discover how to tap into your "inner wisdom" and "inner knowing" about your life and its possibilities.

Learn how use your SelfSmart to "get distance on your life" so you can make decisions from a more objective standpoint.

Learn how the practice of "affirmations" can totally change your image of yourself and your world.

WORDSMART | $29.95
Enhance your reflective abilities through learning a variety of journal writing/keeping techniques.

Learn how your WordSmart can help you analyze written or spoken message for their real (and sometimes hidden) meaning.

MIQ Home Schooling Guide
Elements of Intelligence
ToolBox Guide | $60.00

Everything you need to facilitate any number of Home study students in strengthening their intelligences AND giving you new strategies for teaching all other lesson content.

From David Lazear with over 15 years of Educational Experience with Multiple Intelligences.

OutSmart Yourself!
Multiple Intelligence



Principles of MiQ
All 8 Elements w/CD
CD Case for CD's

FREE Intro to

Intro to MiQ DVD
w/David Lazear

Computer MiQ
Profile Disc

$249.95 U.S.
$323.50 Can

Multiple Intelligence

Home School
David Lazear's MiQ ToolBox

The Multiple Intelligence TOOL BOX is your step-by-step, self-study guide for expanding and more fully developing your eight kinds of smart. The eight kinds of smart are already inside you just waiting to be awakened and put to use!

OutSmart Yourself!
A Different Kind of Smart!

Conversations with David Lazear (DVD)

Learn about YOUR Eight Kinds of Smart through an in-depth interview with intelligence expert, David Lazear!



This DVD provides a thorough introduction to each of the eight kinds of smart. The DVD includes footage illustrating the eight intelligences in everyday life and an intimate conversation with David Lazear in his Chicago home.

The MiQ ToolBox is the only comprehensive Multiple Intelligence Home School Teaching Program available today.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, this program will increase your IQ and give you a whole new appreciation of your own unique abilities not only to learn but also to think and relate in ways that will make life more satisfying, enriching, and enjoyable. .