How to Awaken Multiple Intelligences in Your Life!

To discover how to easily awaken your full creativity and tap your full intellectual potential, I've put together a special FREE course for you.
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Ask yourself these questions . . .

“ Do I want to increase my ability to learn and
      remember information?”

“ Do I want to expand my problem-solving abilities?”

“ Do I want more satisfying relationships with others?”

“ Do I want to increase my leadership and communication skills?”

In this report and the FREE course I'm offering you’ll discover how a simple method is helping thousands of people awaken their capacities for thinking, learning, and working smarter.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt that others fail to recognize your abilities or intelligence? Have you ever said “I’m just not the creative type” but wished you were?

Education experts now know that we are all much smarter than we think we are. We all possess multiple intelligences or multiple strengths which we can easily access to help us think, learn, and work smarter in our everyday lives, on the job and at home. These multiple intelligences are already inside us just waiting to be tapped!

Imagine these conditions are true in your life . . .

• When you have a problem to solve you can quickly and easily access a wide range of solutions.

• When you’re working with others you’re able to communicate your ideas in a compelling and decisive manner.

• When you have something you’re trying to learn you’re able to learn it faster, understand it better, and remember it longer.

• You have clear goals for your future and a set of steps you know will get you there.

• You have a set of methods and tools which are guaranteed to help your children do better in school.

All of these successes, and much, much more are possible when you awaken your multiple intelligences – the Eight Kinds of Smart. Scientific research has shown we all have within us multiple ways of knowing, multiple ways of learning, of acquiring knowledge, and of processing information. Yes, we are all smart in a lot of different ways nobody ever told us about, especially when we were in school!

There are many examples of people who weren’t very strong in the things school values but who have gone on to make major contributions to our world–
Leonard da Vinci if alive today would likely be put in a class for learning disabled people. He had trouble with reading, writing, speaking, and doing arithmetic calculations. And yet he is probably one of the most gifted people who have ever lived—poet, sculpture, musician, painter, architect, geologist, engineer, botanist, philosopher, physiologist, anatomist, and astronomer all wrapped up on one person!
Henry Ford had difficulty reading and remembering basic facts. To compensate, he surrounded himself with men who were able to produce the appropriate facts and figures when needed.

Hans Christian Anderson, one of the world’s most gifted storytellers, had difficulty reading and writing.

Nelson Rockefeller became a accomplished extemporaneous speaker partly because of his difficulties in reading the printed text of his speeches.

Albert Einstein is one of the most well known of these who were not considered very smart by the usual intelligence standards but whose scientific contributions may have more far-reaching implications than any other scientist of the past century.

Here's the real issue,
and it deeply concerns me:

We’ve been lied to about our intelligence!
• We've been told that our intelligence is fixed and static at birth.

• We've been told that our intelligence is equal to our IQ.

•We've been told that there's nothing we can do about the intelligence we showed up with – we're stuck with it and must learn to compensate.
So what is the TRUTH?

New research is in and it tells a very different story about how smart you are! This scientific research has called into question almost everything we used to think about human intelligence. Here’s some of what they’ve found . . .
1. Intelligence is not fixed at birth! In the past we thought that our intelligence was more or less set at birth by heredity. We thought it could be assessed through different kinds of I.Q. test's, which would tell us how smart we were. The I.Q., we thought, would reveal what an individual’s intellectual possibilities were.

However, the so-called intelligence tests do not take into account the many different environmental and cultural factors which effect the development of our intellectual capabilities. Many experts now feel that intelligence has been defined too narrowly. We are all much more than an IQ!

2. Intelligence can be taught, learned, and improved! Because our intelligence capabilities are part of our physical and mental being at birth, they can be improved and strengthened at any age and at almost any ability level.

There are simple things we can do which will strengthen our intelligence skills–much like what we do to improve and expand any skill in our lives. Generally, the more we practice the better we become. We can learn to be more intelligent, in more ways, and on more levels of our lives than we ever thought possible before!

3. We are smart in many ways not just one. And, what is more, these different kinds of “smarts” are available to us right now! This is what we’re talking about when we talk about having “multiple intelligences.” There are many ways we know what we know in our lives. And there are many things we do to help us understand, to gain knowledge, and to learn. We were born with these intelligences already in us!

You can Out Smart Your IQ
by developing your
multiple intelligences –
Eight Kinds of Smart!

I’ll bet you’re asking “So what are these multiple intelligences and what can they do for me?" I've put together a FREE eight-session course which will give you a chance to explore your own multiple intelligences. It’s so easy because they are already inside you just waiting to be awakened!

Eight Kinds of Smart

ImageSmart (visual-spatial intelligence) – uses the sense of sight and being able to imagine and visualize an object, including making mental images inside our head.

LogicSmart (logical-mathematical intelligence) – uses numbers, logic, scientific reasoning, and calculating to help solve problems and meet challenges.

WordSmart (verbal-linguistic intelligence) – occurs through written and spoken words, such as in essays, speeches, books, informal conversation, debates, and jokes.

BodySmart (bodily-kinesthetic intelligence) – uses physical movement and performance (a.k.a. learning by doing) to understand.

SoundSmart (musical-rhythmic intelligence) – learns through sounds, rhythms, tones, beats, music produced by other people or present in the environment.

NatureSmart (naturalist intelligence) – the knowing that occurs in encounters with animals, plants, physical features, and weather conditions of the natural world.

PeopleSmart (interpersonal intelligence) – uses person-to-person relating, communication, teamwork, and collaboration with others.

SelfSmart (intrapersonal intelligence) – the knowing which comes from introspection, self-reflection, and raising questions about life’s meaning and purpose.

Once you've awakened all your intelligences, you’ll find that you're thinking, learning, and working smarter in all parts of your life!

To get started awakening your Eight Kinds of Smart right now, just fill out the form below, and in minutes you'll have your first part of the course. It's fun. It's interesting. I promise you learn a lot about yourself and your capacities that will help you every day of your life!.

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Happy Intelligence Explorations!


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