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SOUNDSMART  |  Hear David: SoundSmart in Biz



SoundSmart (musical-rhythmic intelligence) includes such capacities as the recognition and use of rhythmic and tonal patterns, and sensitivity to sounds from the environment, the human voice, and musical instruments. Many of us learned the alphabet through this intelligence and the “A-B-C song.” Of all forms of intelligence identified, the “consciousness altering” effect of music and rhythm on the brain is the greatest. Just think of how music can calm you when you are stressed, stimulate you when you're bored, and help you attain a steady rhythm in such things as typing and exercising. It has been used to inspire our religious beliefs, intensify national loyalties, and to express great loss or intense joy.

Career Smarts
Professionals who use musical-rhythmic intelligence include music therapists, advertising professionals, motion picture soundtrack creators, music teachers, piano tuners, music studio directors and recorders, song writers, music performers, conductors, sound engineers, and music copyists.

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