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SelfSmart (intrapersonal intelligence) involves knowledge of the internal aspects of the self such as knowledge of feelings, the range of emotional responses, thinking processes, self-reflection, and a sense of or intuition about spiritual realities. Intrapersonal intelligence allows us to be conscious of our consciousness; that is, to step back from ourselves and watch ourselves as an outside observer does. Our self-identity and the ability to transcend the self are part of the functioning of this intelligence. SelfSmart is the most private and requires all other intelligence forms to express itself, such as language, art, music, dance, symbols, and interpersonal communication with others.

Career Smarts
Professionals who are strong in intrapersonal intelligence include therapists, psychologists, human potential researchers, philosophers, religious leaders (pastors and priests), social workers, meditation guides, counselors, self-help advisors, cognitive pattern researchers, and mental health professionals.

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