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NATURESMART  |  Hear David: NatureSmart in Biz


NatureSmart (NatureSmart (naturalist intelligence) is related to our recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the natural world around us. It involves such capacities as species discernment, the ability to recognize and classify various flora and fauna, and our knowledge of and communion with the natural world. You can see the naturalist intelligence when you find yourself drawn to and fascinated by animals and their behaviors. You see it when you notice the effect on your mood and sense of well-being when someone brings plants and-or cut flowers into an otherwise sterile, humanly-created environment. Think how often we head for nature when we want to relax, “unwind” or find inner renewal!

Career Smarts
Professionals who use a lot of the naturalist intelligence include forest rangers, nature guides, animal trainers, zoo keepers, landscape designers, gardeners, scientists investigating the biological and physical worlds, bird watchers, veterinarians, farmers, people involved in scouting and camping, botanists, horticulturists, florists, meteorologists, and conservationists.

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