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Just think for a moment about how many things in our lives we know via the sounds, tones, and vibrations in our environment. Think about the power of music and rhythm to touch our emotions and to spark our creativity. This is what is at the center or SoundSmart.

Tips to awaken your own NatureSmart:

• Listen to different kinds of music to shift your mood; for example, play relaxing, instrumental music before or during a potentially stressful or anxiety-producing activity.

• Use singing to express an idea. Use a popular tune and create a simple song about your family.

• Hum to create different kinds of vibrations inside of your head; for example, try the vowels one at a time, using different volumes and pitches.

• Play tapes of various sounds from nature (such as the ocean tides, a water fall, wind gusts, and animal sounds). Ask yourself what you can learn from the rhythms and patterns of nature.

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