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Socrates urged everyone he met to “Know Thyself”. The core of SelfSmart, is precisely this. This is the introspective intelligence because to be smart in this way we must “go inside”, so to speak, and explore the inner world of the self.

Tips to awaken your own SelfSmart:

In the midst of a routine activity practice acute mindfulness; that is, an intense awareness of everything going on, thoughts, feelings, physical movements, and inner states of being.

• Practice watching your thoughts, feelings and moods as if you were a detached, outside observer. Notice patterns that kick into gear in certain situations; for example, the “anger pattern,” the “playfulness pattern,” or the “anxiety pattern.”

• Objectify your various thinking strategies and patterns, such as your problem-solving strategies, your crisis-thinking modalities, and your processes for analytical thinking.

• In 25 words or less write your answer today for the question “Who am I?” Keep working on it until you are satisfied. Look at it again each day for a week, making revisions that you feel are needed.

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