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One fascinating aspect of the research behind NatureSmart is the discovery that within our human brains we have certain neural centers which are stimulated EXCLUSIVELY by the natural world (as opposed to that created by humans). It is all about our recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the natural world around us.

Tips to awaken your own NatureSmart:

• Immerse yourself in some natural setting and see how many different natural patterns you can discern, including colors, sounds, smells, textures, shapes, tastes, etc.

• Get involved in a planting or gardening project either in your own home, or somewhere in your community.

• Spend some time with an animal. Allow yourself to really “get to know” this fellow creature. Imagine it has human qualities--what is it thinking? feeling? wanting?

• Go for a walk and consciously focus on the impact of the environment on your five senses, on your emotions, and on your spiritual awareness. See how fully you can experience this walk!

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