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LogicSmart is most often associated with what we call “scientific thinking.” Dr. Spock on Star Trek is a classic example of this intelligence. It is activated in situations requiring problem-solving or meeting a new challenge. It also involves the capacity to recognize patterns, to work with abstract symbols,and to discern relationships between distinct pieces of information.

Tips to awaken your own LogicSmart:

• Create a four-point outline on your hobby with each point having four sub-points, and each sub-point having four more sub-points.

• Practice analytical thinking by comparing and contrasting two objects, by listing the pluses and minuses for two opposing viewpoints, or by classifying a brainstorm list into categories.

• Create a convincing, rational explanation for something that is totally absurd; for example, the benefits of the square basketball.

• Participate in a project requiring the use of the “scientific method.” If you are not a cook, try making brownies from scratch following a recipe.

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