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We often hear the cliché, "A picture is worth a thousand words" , or "Seeing is believing." The core of ImageSmart. This intelligence involves all of the shapes, images, patterns, and designs we see with our external eyes as well as everything we can perceive with the eyes of the imagination.

Tips to awaken your own ImageSmart:

• Work with “artistic media” (such as clay, paints, colored markers, and pens) to express an idea or opinion; for example, what you think the year 2050 will be like.

• Do intentional daydreaming; for example, dream about the ideal vacation spot with as much visual detail as you can muster.

• Practice internal imagination exercises--visualize yourself in a different period of history or have an imaginary conversation with your hero-heroine, a character from literature, or an historical figure.

• Use various “design skills” such as drawing, architecture, diagrams, or creating a poster to convey your ideas or thoughts to others.

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