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Educators and corporate trainers often talk about “learning by doing.” We know the power of “hands-on” learning experiences or actual demonstrations of ideas we're trying to learn. We've all heard the cliché, "Actions speak louder than words!" This is what is at the heart of BodySmart.

Tips to awaken your own BodySmart:

• Perform a dramatic enactment; role play an idea, opinion, or feeling. Play charades using current events or modern inventions.

• Play noncompetitive games that involve physical activity and a lot of motion; for example, learn the names of everyone in a group through physical gestures only.

• Practice activities that require physical activity such as dancing, jogging, swimming, and walking. Try walking in different ways to match or change your mood.

• Carefully observe your own and other's "body language." Notice how much the body is involved in effective communication.

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