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The Foundations
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How Multiple Intelligences Enhance the Way We Think!


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September 2006
Aurora University
Lake Geneva, WI


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How Multiple Intelligences
Enhance the Way We Think

Presented by David Lazear

This highly experiential and interactive seminar explores ten foundational principles behind the theory of multiple intelligences, the Eight Kinds of Smart and provides you with a series of application exercises and practices for fully awakening the eight intelligences in yourself and others.

  • How would your life be different if you had a system, which, when faced with a problem or challenge, would help you find solutions you didn't know you had in you?
  • What if there was a method you could use to learn learn anything you wanted to learn quickly and with ease, and you'd remember it for the rest of your life?
  • What if you had a way to tap your full human potential and to show others how to do the same in their lives?
  • What if you had a fail-proof technique for communicating your thoughts and ideas to others in ways you knew would reach everyone?
  • What if you were born smarter than you or anyone else thinks you are AND you knew how to awaken all the “smarts” which are already inside of you?
  • Here just three of the ten principles and examples of the invaluable tools you’ll gain in this unique, introductory seminar:

  • PRINCIPLE #2: At any age, and at almost any ability level our intelligence can be taught, enhanced and developed.
  • You’ll learn about the benefits of developing all eight intelligences in your own life and a powerful process you can use to awaken and develop all eight intelligences in yourself and in other people.
  • PRINCIPLE #6: Employing the Eight Kinds of Smart in teaching and learning dramatically increases one's learning potential.
  • You’ll experience a technique which will help you learn more quickly, at deeper levels, with an increased understanding and remembering of the material being learned; AND you’ll learn how to do use this technique when you’re teaching others to help them accelerate and deepen their learning.
  • PRINCIPLE #10: Intelligence can only be assessed or measured in life, not on a paper-and-pencil test.
  • You’ll learn how to create a “intelligence profiles” for more fully understanding your own and other’s intelligences, including how to interpret a profile and strategies for enhancing how you think and learn. based on your unique profile.
  • The materials for this class, which are included in your registration, include David Lazear’s latest book The Principles of MiQ and OutSmart Yourself! 16 Proven Strategies for Thinking, Learning, and Working Smarter.

    MBA and Education Graduate-Level Credit

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Aurora University is designed for the working professional. An MBA is an extremely practical and adaptable degree.

    The Management Studies (MS) and Training Studies (TS) series of courses offered at Aurora University by the David Lazear Group provide you with a unique opportunity available nowhere else. If you are currently involved with an MBA program or if you’ve been wanting to pursue getting an MBA, these courses provide you a perfect chance to receive MBA credits for this exciting new area of business applications of multiple intelligences.

    For Educators who are involved in graduate classes, the Education Series (ES) provides you with a comprehensive set of courses for applying multiple intelligences in the classroom, including lesson planning and design, assessment and rubrics, curriculum integration, and higher-order thinking.

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