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MiQ SmartProfile™   MiQ SmartProfile™ Manager Software

The David Lazear MiQ Profile is a multi-dimensional assessment instrument that quickly lets you see a picture of how you are smart.

It has been used with hundreds of participants in seminars, workshops and classrooms around the world. Thousands have taken it on this web site.

Additional profiles are available for a nominal $12 ea. in blocks of 5 or more. Quantity plans are available for trainers and educators. 

As Multiple Intelligence has made inroads into training and education around the globe there has been a developing need for a tool that would provide more information and powerful tools for managing groups of assessments to give an instructor a "class MiQ profile."

We are pleased to be able to extend the functionality and usefulness of this assessment tool and profile system and make it available to you free for your use and evaluation.

You get 5 complimentary  uses (a $60 value) which includes a 20 page print out (or on screen) of your Smart Profile including recommendations for improving your smarts in areas that are weaker.



Enter your information below to receive your free download profile. You will also get an email confirmation with a link to the download page.


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