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Trainer & Facilitator MiQ Manual
A Special Guide to the OutSmart Yourself! Multiple Intelligence TOOL BOX

The OutSmart Yourself! Multiple Intelligence TOOL BOX is a step-by-step, self-study guide for expanding and more fully developing your own Eight Kinds of Smart and the Eight Kinds of Smart in your participants. The eight multiple intelligences are already inside you and your participants just waiting to be awakened and put to use!

As professional trainers we are constantly in need of “juicing up” our training so we can reach more people, more of the time in our training sessions. We are also concerned to provide training that sticks and training that transfers. The OutSmart Yourself! Multiple Intelligences TOOL BOX contains hundreds of practical ideas, techniques, strategies, and methods to help you be more effective as a trainer.


Trainer & Facilitator TOOL BOX

Price: $60


The suggestions I present in this trainer’s guide to the TOOL BOX are intended to help you get started incorporting MiQ™ into training sessions you're already doing. The guide offers key training applications of the TOOL BOX.
An Overview of the Eight Kinds of Smart

You'll learn–

• Why each of the intelligences is important from the perspective of the professional trainer.
• Key background information to help you and others more fully understand each intelligence.
• How incorporating the full range of multiple intelligence capacities can make you a more effective trainer.
• Examples of the
Eight Kinds of Smart as they show up in everyday life.

An Introduction to the 50 Exercises and Practices
Contained in the TOOL BOX

You'll learn–

• Important background information which describes various techniques and tools contained in the TOOL BOX Personal Study Guide and why they're important.
An overview explaining what's involved in each MiQ capacity-building practice and its related exercises.
• The description of the goals for each set of practices to help you figure out when to use them in a training session and what results to expect.

More Than 100 Specific Training Applications

You'll learn–

• Key applications of the techniques in the TOOL BOX which show how you an instantly start using them in your trainings.
• Key techniques for using MiQ
to help you in your preparation for a training or other presentations.
• Suggestions on help participants understand and use the Eight Kinds of Smart to enhance their experience and learning in a training session.
• How to increase the transfer of the learning from the seminar room to the workplace.

Over 35 Pages of Special Bonus Training Aids

You'll learn–

• A quick-reference. step-by-step planning technique to help you easily incorporate a variety of intelligences into any training session.
• A model to help you increase the transfer of the learning from the seminar room to the workplace.
• A process to help you quickly identify the Eight Kinds of Smart in your participants and suggestions on how to adjust your presentation in light of this information.
• A copy of the popular MiQ SmartProfile for assessing your own "intelligence profile".
• Two special exercises to help you more fully develop the full range of you own intelligence capacities.
• A summary of the ten key principles behind MiQ


[If you would like to be involved training others in MiQ
please contact David Lazear at David@DavidLazear]

Watch for these SELF-STUDY COURSES Coming Soon!

Human Resource Develpment Series–
CDs & Special Reports including: MiQ approches to hiring, interviewing with MiQ in mind, orientation with "a different kind of smart", intelligence profiles and performance reviews, and smart supervisory strategies.

Training & Development Series–
CDs & Special Reports including: creating "multimodal" training events, teaching for transfer, understanding the adult learner, preparation methods for seminars and speeches, evaluation of a T&D event, and enhancing your presentation skills with MiQ.

Intelligence-Centered Leadership Series–
CDs & Special Reports including: the applied principles of intelligence-centered leadership, creating a brain-friendly workplace, MiQ and the psychology of employee motivation, and growing leaders in your organization.













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