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SmartStrategies™ Guide
Training that "Sticks"– Training that "Transfers"

Research shows that the more different ways we learn  something, the more we really learn it, understand it, and can apply it!

The SmartStrategies guide shows how you can easily incorporate the The Eight Kinds of Smart into any training situation you're leading, whether it be a formal workshop, a meeting, or simply in a one-on-one training situation. This handy, easy-to-use booklet gives you 120 Strategies including descriptions of how to use each to create training events that are truly "multi-modal"! This knowledge is invaluable for any charged with the task of teaching others in the workplace environment or in a formal school setting. Parents, you'll find many useful tips here for helping your children with the homework as well!

Price: $14.95
Quantity Pricing for Multi Users

WHAT DO I GET in my e-Booklet?

• A complete set of 120 teaching and learning SmartStrategies™ including a brief description of what is involved in using each strategy to help others learn.

• A step-by-step process for taking any training you'll be conducting and turning into a "multi-modal" event.

• Ten modern training myths and the reality which can dramatically improve your success as a trainer.

• Examples of training sessions which were designed with the Eight Kinds of Smart in Mind.

• Ten suggestions of other situations, beyond the training room, in which you can use the SmartStrategies™ to enhance people's abilities to relate and communicate with each other.













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