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A New Book From from David Lazear!
The Principles of MiQ - Multiple Intelligences
How would your life be different if you had a system, which, when faced with a problem or challenge, would help you find solutions you didn't know you had in you?

• What if there was a method you could use to learn anything you wanted to learn quickly and with ease, and you'd remember it for the rest of your life?

• What if you had a way to tap your full human potential and to show others how to do the same in their lives?

• What if you had a fail-proof technique for communicating your thoughts and ideas to others in ways you knew would reach everyone?

• What if you were born smarter than you or anyone else thinks you are AND you knew how to awaken all the "smarts" which are already inside of you?


We all have known, and probably do know, people who, by popular IQ standards, would not be considered very intelligent or merely average, yet who are brilliant in their own right and who make significant contributions which enrich our lives and the lives of the larger society.

In most of our societies around the world today we bought the lie that IQ has been perpetuating for many decades – the lie that we show up on this earth with a genetically predetermined amount of intelligence: it’s fixed and static: and there is little or nothing we can do about it. We must learn to compensate for the “smarts” we were given, or not given, by nature.
• How many geniuses have we been deprived of because the individuals believed this lie and failed to pursue what could have been their major contributions to society?

• How many inventions, cures of diseases, solutions to the great problems which plague humanity have never seen the light of day because people bought the message that they were not very bright and therefore really had little to give?

• In a world hungry for inspired leadership, how many individuals were told “Don’t set your sights too high”? How many visions have been dimmed by well-meaning but misguided parents and educators?

Current research on intelligence, creativity, learning, and the human brain tells a very different story. It’s a story about humanity’s untapped potential. It’s a story about the many different ways we are intelligence – ways that go far beyond anything that was recognized as intelligence when we were in school. It’s a story which tells about how our intelligence grows, expands, and changes throughout our entire life. It is not fixed and static at birth. In fact, intelligence can be taught! At any age and at almost any ability level we can learn to be more intelligent, on more levels of our brain, mind, body system than we ever thought possible before.

I’ve called multiple intelligences MiQ™ to set it off squarely from IQ. MiQ™ is A Different Kind of Smart™. I've just released a new book, the goal of which is to fully tell this new story – a story of undreamed of capacities we all possess. We were born with them, yet many of them are asleep within us. The really good news about MiQ™ is, that this Different Kind of Smart™ is already inside us, and thus, these slumbering capacities can be awakened. They can be triggered, stimulated, and activated!

In this book you'll learn the 10 principles of  MiQ™. Not just abstract principles, each represents a life-changing reality which can help you awaken A Different Kind of Smart™ in your life and in the lives of people you care about.

The 10 principles totally change all of our previous understandings about what makes us smart!

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At any age, and at almost any ability level our intelligence can be taught, enhanced and developed. We are not stuck with the intelligence we show up with at birth.

Intelligence can only be assessed or measured in life, not on a paper-and-pencil test. Intelligence is not something that happens just “between our ears.” It occurs throughout our entire brain-mind-body system and beyond in our socio-cultural environment as well.

Employing the Eight Kinds of Smart in teaching and learning dramatically increases one's learning potential. We’ll learn more quickly, at deeper levels; we’ll increase our understanding of the material being learned; we’ll remember it longer; and we’ll be able to transfer the learning to life beyond the “learning situation”.

Intelligence is a biological, neurological, psychological potential in each of us.
We all have all Eight Kinds of Smart and probably more.


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