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The Question is NOT
"How Smart Are You?"
Rather, it's  "HOW Are You Smart?"

Outsmart Yourself!, by multiple intelligence expert, David Lazear, is a book which popularizes the theory of multiple intelligences proposed by Harvard psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner. This research suggests that each of us possess at least eight distinct areas of intelligence–eight ways we know what we know in our lives, eight ways we acquire knowledge, at least eight ways we learn and understand, eight ways we are smart!

Most of us grew up believing that our intelligence is more or less fixed at birth. We were born with a certain amount of intelligence and are stuck with it.

Multiple intelligences calls this into question. It views intelligence as a biological, neurological, psychological, sensory reality which occurs throughout our entire brain, mind, body system, and even beyond ourselves in our sociopolitical environment as well!

Table of Contents

This book is for you if you want to–
Be more creative in your daily life
Learn how to be a better problem-solver
Have deeper and more meaningful personal relationships
Become more effective at communicating your ideas to others
Improve your memory
Speed up your ability for learning anything
Boost your self-confidence when working with others
Gain new methods for reaching your goals
Analyze your own intelligence strengths

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Chapter 1: What Does Intelligence Really Mean?

Presents a comparison of the IQ ("intelligence quotient") understanding of intelligence and the MI ("multiple intelligences") understanding. Examples are given of well-known individuals who have made significant contributions to our world, but who would not be considered very intelligent from the perspective of the IQ paradigm.

Chapter 2: Eight Ways of Being Smarter

A personal inventory helps you assess your own “intelligence profile”, showing you those areas of the multiple intelligences which are more developed in you. It provides a description of the eight intelligences including related job skills, career paths, and everyday intelligence skills we can develop in our lives.

Chapter 3: Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills

Provides you a chance to analyze your current approaches to problem-solving and shows how to use multiple intelligence strategies to become a better problem-solver and to more effectively deal with the challenges you face every day.

Chapter 4: Tapping Your Full Creativity

This chapter deals with the learnable process of "thinking outside the box". You'll learn hundreds of techniques to help you more fully activate, stimulate, and trigger your creativity and intuition in your daily life.

Chapter 5: Individual Learning Strategies

Shows how to use multiple intelligence strategies to accelerate and deepen your own understanding of anything you want to learn. You'll get techniques to help you remember the information, to increase your comprehension, and create personal applications.

Chapter 6: Taking Charge of Your Life

Focuses on your own personal growth and development, now and in the future. You'll gain methods to unlock untapped potentials in your own life, including setting personals goals, clarifying values and beliefs, and learning to control the various processes of the mind.

Chapter 7: Intelligence-Centered Leadership

This chapter is about using multiple intelligences to help you become a better leader at work, at home, or in a community organization. You'll learn how to build and maintain synergy in a team, how to develop positive interdependence, and how to develop better interpersonal social skills.

Chapter 8: Learning In Collaboration With Others

Presents an overview of what experts have discovered is involved in creating an effective collaborative learning situation. You'll learn techniques for increasing your skills of communication in a group or team situation as well as how to help a group work better together.

Conclusion: Putting it All Together

Presents 101 things you can do right now to awaken your full intelligence. Also included are a set of exercises for enhancing and strengthening those intelligence areas within yourself which may be under-developed and/or under-utilized. These exercises can easily be incorporated into your regular daily routine.

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