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 MiQ™ Application Training Modules
Facilitators and Trainers Manuals for enriching business training with MiQ

About MiQ Modules
  Training with MiQ
Never be boring again and have them begging for more!
MiQ Professional Training Modules are a total training resources system including everything you need to facilitate individual and group learning:

Over 100 Page Training & Facilitation Manual

DVD - David Lazear introduces the application topic and provides an overview on how Multiple Intelligences helps you deliver the content in a dynamic, dramatic, and memorable way.  Whatever the module topic, MiQ is the "engine" that delivers transfer and retention like
no other learning technology.

Each MiQ Module includes:
  • A Resource CD with dozens of reproducible PDF support documents and a full one hour MiQ and Training teleseminar.
  • A CD with the complete text e-book of David’s book The Principles of MiQ.
  • A CD with Windows software the MiQ Personal Profiler for personal and group assessments of MiQ ... and you will get FREE upgrades! We have many user plans for quantity users.
  • A Certificate for a personal 30 minute phone consultation with David Lazear to answer any questions you may have.
  • Presented in a Deluxe Kolo premium archival book cloth binder.

    Price $225 US
    - $262. CAD

All Modules come with The David Lazear Group 100% satisfaction guarantee. These learning materials are derived from David Lazear's 18 years experience in real world application and are state of the art Multiple Intelligence resource materials. If for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied that they deliver as promised The David Lazear Group will refund your full purchase price.


David Lazear
Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge

MiQ - Training

Learning & Facilitation Module

Price: $


If you could GUARANTEE your clients or boss that people you train would learn the information more quickly, retain it longer, understand it more deeply, and be able to integrate it into their daily lives on-the-job and beyond would this interest you?

This module exposes ten modern training myths and introduces a different kind of training based on the Eight Kinds of Smart. This training module provides a set of 120 teaching/learning SmartStrategies™ for creating “multi-modal” training events.

Whether you’re a manager, CIO, a professional trainer, consultant, or group facilitator, you will learn how to increase the power and impact of any information you need to communicate to others.

How will I benefit?
Deliver your content so everyone “gets it” - every time! Rivet your participants’ attention; hold their interest; dramatically enhance their involvement and learning; and get great reviews every time.

• You’ll be able to help participants in your training learn anything, more quickly, thus saving valuable training dollars
• You’ll reach more people more of the time by using over 120 teaching and learning strategies based on David Lazear’s powerful MiQ™ System.
• You'll evaluate your own intelligence capacities and what to do about those “smart areas” which are not as developed.
• You’ll learn how to increase the transfer of learning from the training room to the workplace.
• You’ll increase your effectiveness as a communicator by learning how to quickly access the dominate intelligence in others.

What will I learn?
You’ll learn the core MiQ™ strategies for planning training, consulting, and facilitation using the eight multiple intelligences. You’ll learn how to use these new tools to develop new plans for an upcoming training you’ll be conducting!

Specifically you'll learn about:

  • 10 Modern Training Myths and Realities.
  • Learn about key misconceptions about teaching/training others which undercut the effectiveness of T & D.
  • The “Multimodal” MiQ™ Planning Process.
  • Discover how to structure a training session or consultation using the MiQ SmartStrategies™ to insure that you reach everyone.
  • A Five Phased “Teaching for Transfer” Model.
  • Assess where participants are in understanding how to transfer what you’re teaching and learn strategies to help them increase their transfer ability.
  • Identifying the Eight Kinds of Smart in Participants.
  • Learn how to quickly identify another person’s more developed intelligences and a set of strategies for effectively relating to them.
  • Dealing with the “Difficult” Participant
  • Discover 8 different roles participants will often play in your training or consulting and a set of solutions to meet their needs and keep your session on track.

Price: $225.00

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