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The MiQ™ SmartProfile
The question is NOT "How smart am I?"
Rather, the question IS "HOW am I smart?

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This handy, easy-to-use booklet includes the SmartSurvey from OutSmart Yourself!  This booklet provides an interpretation of the various possible profile dominances and a list of 10 key tools to use when working with or relating to people with very different intelligence profiles–that's a total of 80 tools! This knowledge is invaluable for managers and supervisors in the workplace environment. You'll also find many applications for your personal and family life.

Price: $14.95

MiQ SmartProfile™ - eBook  - 

• The complete set of SmartSurvey questions including detailed scoring instructions for identifying your own and other's eight kinds of smart.

• Five blank MiQ™ SmartProfile indicator pages you can use with friends, family, and on the job.

• A complete set of instructions for transferring the scores from the SmartSurvey to the SmartProfile indicator.

• An in-depth analysis and interpretation of the various SmartProfile dominances.

• Ten tools for each kind of smart which you should incorporate into your dealings with people who manifest different profiles of intelligence.

• Four additional intelligence assessment strategies which you can use to supplement the information gathered in the SmartSurvey.














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