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 MiQ™ Application Training Modules
Facilitators and Trainers Manuals for enriching business training with MiQ

About MiQ Modules

 Motivation & Productivity    |    Training

MiQ Professional Training Modules are a total training resources system including everything you need to facilitate individual and group learning:

Over 100 Page Training & Facilitation Manual

DVD - David Lazear introduces the application topic and provides an overview on how Multiple Intelligences helps you deliver the content in a dynamic, dramatic, and memorable way.  Whatever the module topic, MiQ is the "engine" that delivers transfer and retention like
no other learning technology.

Each MiQ Module includes:

  • A Resource CD with dozens of reproducible PDF support documents and a full one hour MiQ and Training teleseminar.
  • A CD with the complete text e-book of David’s book The Principles of MiQ.
  • A CD with Windows software the MiQ Personal Profiler for personal and group assessments of MiQ ... and you will get FREE upgrades! We have many user plans for quantity users.
  • A Certificate for a personal 30 minute phone consultation with David Lazear to answer any questions you may have.
  • Presented in a Deluxe Kolo premium archival book cloth binder.

    Price $225 US
    - $262. CAD
The David Lazear Group invites you to experience the next generation in training facilitation resources. MiQ Professional Education Training Modules.

Each module in this new series of learning and teaching resources is co-authored by David Lazear, the foremost authority in the practical application of Multiple Intelligences, and Anne Ward and Bob Sandidge, Professional NLP Trainers. Each module is packed with everything needed to powerfully teach the content topic using today's most powerful learning and teaching technology - Multiple Intelligences and NLP.

Each module contains all original and all new materials created to help you master the content and effectively transfer it to your learners using Multiple Intelligences as the transfer technology.

Here are the first two of the 10 modules under development. Step into the future of training - today.

MiQ - Motivation & Productivity

Learning & Facilitation Module

Price: $225.00


MiQ - Training

Learning & Facilitation Module

Price: $225.00


All Modules come with The David Lazear Group 100% satisfaction guarantee. These learning materials are derived from David Lazear's 18 years experience in real world application and are state of the art Multiple Intelligence resource materials. If for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied that they deliver as promised The David Lazear Group will refund your full purchase price.

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