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 MiQ™ Application Training Modules
Facilitators and Trainers Manuals for enriching business training with MiQ

About MiQ Modules
  Motivation and Productivity
Tap the passion of your workforce!
MiQ Professional Training Modules are a total training resources system including everything you need to facilitate individual and group learning:

Over 100 Page Training & Facilitation Manual

DVD - David Lazear introduces the application topic and provides an overview on how Multiple Intelligences helps you deliver the content in a dynamic, dramatic, and memorable way.  Whatever the module topic, MiQ is the "engine" that delivers transfer and retention like
no other learning technology.

Each MiQ Module includes:
  • A Resource CD with dozens of reproducible PDF support documents and a full one hour MiQ and Training teleseminar.
  • A CD with the complete text e-book of David’s book The Principles of MiQ.
  • A CD with Windows software the MiQ Personal Profiler for personal and group assessments of MiQ ... and you will get FREE upgrades! We have many user plans for quantity users.
  • A Certificate for a personal 30 minute phone consultation with David Lazear to answer any questions you may have.
  • Presented in a Deluxe Kolo premium archival book cloth binder.

    Price $225 US
    - $262. CAD

All Modules come with The David Lazear Group 100% satisfaction guarantee. These learning materials are derived from David Lazear's 18 years experience in real world application and are state of the art Multiple Intelligence resource materials. If for any reason you are not thoroughly satisfied that they deliver as promised The David Lazear Group will refund your full purchase price.


David Lazear
Anne Ward & Bob Sandidge

MiQ - Motivation & Productivity

Learning & Facilitation Module

Price: $225.00

At every moment of our lives we are either moving away from or moving toward something. Understanding this is the key to motivating our employees and ourselves. When you shift motivation to “moving towards” you’re working on building intrinsic motivation which lasts and empowers. This MiQ training module presents a model for understanding motivation and provides you with an opportunity to analyze your internal and external motivation strategies. It shows how people with different “intelligence profiles” are motivated by different things. This module challenges much of what we have learned about motivation and gives us new strategies and skills for effectively motivating ourselves and others.

Learn What Makes Your People Tick and How To Use It On-the-Job! You can quickly and easily assess what’s driving people on your team and learn how to harness and channel that productive energy

• You’ll be able to conduct performance reviews which create a genuine bond with your people and in which you find out what their vision is for themselves.

• You’ll understand fourteen critical factors research has shown motivates every human and how to use them to with your people.

• You’ll discover how to use a person’s stronger or more developed intelligences to work on an area that is weak or underdeveloped.

• You’ll get a screen for analyzing the “hierarchy of needs” of your employees and the steps needed to make sure you are
addressing them.

Learn about the psychology of motivation and what researchers have discovered that keeps people pumped up for the long haul. Evaluate your organization to discover what drives it at deeper levels.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • What Moves People from being Externally Motivated to
    Being Internally Motivated.
  • Discover the key differences between external and internal motivation and what you can do to promote the internal.
  • Moving People from Motivation Based on Fear, Duty, and Compliance to Motivation Based on Vision, Passion, and Inspiration.
  • Discover the subtle factors which lie behind why people act and respond the way they do, not only on-the-job, but in their personal lives at well.
  • A Model for Intelligence-Based Performance Reviews.
    Learn the process for conducting employee performance reviews which looks at employees’ performance and areas to work on from the perspective of the Eight Kinds of Smart.
  • How to fully Tap Your Employees’ Passion On-the-Job.
  • Learn a set of tools you can use to discover employees’ passion (what they really love to do and generally are really good at doing) AND how you can find places in your organization to best use this passion.

Price: $225.00

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