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16 Strategies for the Business World
thinking, learning, and working smarter

 MiQ™ SmartStrategies
in the world of business

The MiQ™ Strategic Implementation Guide is an invaluable companion to OutSmart Yourself! It provides business-oriented explanations of how to apply the 16 proven strategies from OutSmart Yourself! in the workplace. The importance of each strategy for your organization is explored and five application suggestions are given for each strategy–that's 80 additional strategies you can use to implement the eight kinds of smart in your workplace!

16 Proven Strategies -

Price: $9.95

25% discount for
10 or more

You'll Learn How To–

• help employees visualize their full potential on the job
• test possible solutions to problems in your mind first
• anticipate what your customers want in your products
   or services
• brainstorm creative responses to challenges on-the-job
• remember important information from a meeting or article
• conduct T & D which reaches everyone in a training session
• lead meetings which are interesting and get and keep
     everyone involved
• instantly apply new ideas to your job
• help employees align their personal goals with the
    goals of your company
• create incentive programs which tap employee's
   intrinsic motivation
• build consensus in group decision-making sessions
• lead group discussions which get great input from
    everyone involved
• use body language to increase the power of your
     communication skills
• utilize collaborative learning teams to tackle key
    workplace challenges
• enhance your and your employee's listening skills
    and abilities
Plus many more ideas–80 in all!














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