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  David Lazear
Author, Trainer &
foremost authority
on the practical
application of
Multiple Intelligences
in business & education



Multiple Intelligences - David Lazear

The David Lazear Group - Professional Solutions
for Human Development and Training.

Multiple intelligence, applied in the workplace, is helping managers, corporate trainers, and those charged with human resource development make the workplace a more productive, more creative, and more human place – all of which results in greater profitability for the company.

• How often have you wished you knew how to help each member of your workplace team maximize their potential on the job and increase their productivity?

• How often have you been frustrated because you feel that you're just not communicating with your employees?

• How often have you felt that you're smarter than people give you credit for?

• How often have you been surprised by a creative idea or an approach to a problem from someone you didn't think had it in them?

• How often have you conducted training sessions that ended up being dull, boring, and a waste of time because little learning actually occurred?

David Lazear Group has created a revolutionary system for applying the ground-breaking research on multiple intelligences, conducted at Harvard University by Dr. Howard Gardner, to the needs of today’s business community.

The multiple intelligence approach for managing your human resources shows you how to help all of your people think, learn, and work smarter on-the-job and beyond. The multiple intelligence training and management system guarantees that you’ll reach everyone, every time and you’ll get dramatically increased transfer of learning to the workplace.

Put Multiple Intelligences to work
in your organization today!

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The David Lazear Group helping you:  
  • Find and keep the best people.

  • Fully engage the talents of your workforce.

  • Conduct training that transfers to the workplace.

  • Rise to new levels of great customer service.

  • Motivate your people from the inside out.

  • Maximize employee productivity.

















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