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DAVID LAZEAR Presents, Performs, Excites, Educates, Motivates

David's Seminars





When David Lazear Speaks,
People Learn ...

. . .  how to think more creatively and strategically, gain clarity on life goals, learn how they are smart and by understanding the unique ways that we all learn and understand become more effective in personal and business relationships.

How is this possible? Multiple Intelligences.

Recognized world-wide as the expert who has made Multiple Intelligences practical and applicable to everyday life, David Lazear makes over 100 presentations around the world annually, in public seminars, corporate presentations and trainings, with educators, and at conferences. David’s knowledge of Multiple Intelligences, delivered in an informative, entertaining format, guarantees a valuable seminar and/or workshop for you and your employees, peers or colleagues.

Keynotes, meetings, conferences, events, workshops. David is the author of 10 books on Multiple Intelligences and is available for media interviews.

For more information and to book David to speak or train, contact David Lazear for more information. David@DavidLazear.com  or call 1.800.726.8605.














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