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I live in Hawai'i on the island of Maui, a long way from the cattle ranch in Wyoming where I grew up. Twenty some years ago I ran across some research revealing that we all have Multiple Intelligences–multiple ways we learn, acquire knowledge, and process information–yes, multiple ways we are smart. This information blew our old ideas of IQ away.

I was so excited when I read this because I've met so many people who feel they're somehow not very intelligent because they didn't do great in school, my own daughters included. This research from Harvard Psychology Professor Howard Gardner made it clear that school only teach to two of at least eight ways all of us are smart. My life was changed along with my career.

This research about multiple intelligences was so profound for me that I've spent the last 18 years translating this research into something practical that people can all use in their daily lives to help them gain know-how and "smarts" to make significant changes in their lives and their abilities to learn. I've trained thousands of trainers, managers, and educators in techniques and strategies for using MiQ to more effectively communicate any content.

We are smart in many more ways than is measured by the IQ test. The good news is we all already have all of those intelligences in us–we just need to learn how to awaken them!

My passion for getting this message out has resulted in my forming the David Lazear consulting and training group, founding a publishing company, New Dimensions Press, and teaching MiQ at hundreds of seminars and workshops each year. I've authored 12 books on using Multiple Intelligences to dramatically expand creativity and our capacities for learning, how to use the intelligences to become better problem-solvers and communicators in our daily lives, how to increase our leadership and presentation skills, and how Multiple Intelligences can help us create more satisfying personal relationships.

I travel all over the world conducting seminars and conferences which have helped thousands of people realize they're smarter than they could have ever imagined!

Writing is another passion of mine and each year I spend a lot of hours (I find myself in the air a lot) developing Multiple Intelligence learning materials. So far we've created 12 books, many CD - DVD - Workbook and combination "ToolBoxes." On this site you'll find articles, a personal MiQ Profile that shows you how Smart You Are - the latest computer software version you can download and use for free - and much more that will help you learn more about yourself and the many ways that Multiple Intelligences can benefit you and those around you.

Ready to awaken your intelligences? Come on. Let me show you how....  YES!













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